A two-day agenda filled with presentations, case studies and panel discussions, presented by leading European and global asset owners on how they capitalise on various alternative asset classes.

Institutional perspectives

  • Collaboration – Unlocking long term value and returns through effective collaboration
  • Green Bonds – Why have a dedicated green bonds portfolio, green yields and future outlook
  • Global Real Estate & Infrastructure – Exploring global opportunities and examining viable strategies and risks via internal and external strategies
  • Alternative Asset Allocation – Building robust portfolios with suitable alternatives that can deliver target returns

Joint perspectives

  • Hedge Funds – Diverse perspectives from experienced pension funds and family offices on why they still maintain allocations and their preferred strategies

Family office perspectives

  • Family Risk Management – Behavioral risks and financial risks
  • Private Equity – Building an investment framework that sustains for generations
  • Alternative Asset Allocation – Asset allocation shifts and CIO perspectives
  • Direct vs Indirect Investments – Evaluating investment approach with illiquid assets

Focused roundtable discussions

  • Insurance Linked Strategies – The ILS and Reinsurance market in 2018
  • Structured Credit – Examining the ABS market post crisis, future outlook and the potential benefits of a global approach for pension funds
  • Examining the application of alternative risk premia – Two pension case studies on using internal and external strategies vs. external strategies only

Other sessions in the agenda include peer to peer informal networking opportunities, networking sessions with selected managers and cocktail reception.

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