The Alternative Investment Guide

Welcome to our guide on alternative investments. We are a team of former financial advisors, who now spend our time writing about the various types of alternative investments available. Together we work with some of the biggest and best alternative investments around right now, to provide the best information possible to help you make informed decisions concerning investing in alternatives.

Alternative investments are different from conventional ones, such as bonds and stocks. These investment opportunities are not as straightforward and hold higher risk than conventional investment types.

Alternative Investments Forcast To Reach $23.21 trillion by 2026

In an article in January 2022, S&P Global reported that by 2026 assets under management within alternative investments, will be double the size of the hedge fund industry.

Alternative investments also have fewer regulations binding them, which is why they are better for people with high net worth or institutions. Alternative investments are also available in multiple types, with some being available on exclusive channels only. In most cases, people looking for alternative investments opt for private equity, real estate properties, art, and other collectibles. You may also need accreditation before getting access to an alternative investment. Other investment networks may not care about your accreditation.


Top Alternative Investments

In the Knight Frank 2023 Q2 report on luxury investments, there has been a mix in returns over the past 10 years and the past 12 months for the leading luxury items as alternative investments.  Art for the best 12-month return of 30% with both watches and jewellery gaining 10%. Wine and cars saw a price change of 5% over 12 months. Rare whisky which has seen by far the highest change over 10 years at 322%, did see a negative of -4% over the past 12 months.  You can read the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2023 here. 5 of The Highest Performing Alternative Investments Over The Past 10 years