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  • Fees Score - 96%
  • Reputation - 94%
  • Customer Service - 97%
  • Education - 98%
  • Ease of Purchase - 95%


Overall, I am impressed with what Augusta Precious Metals offers its clients through a personalized presentation and ongoing support and education. Moreover, they have zero complaints against them, which is very impressive. Their minimum investment is higher than others, so if you are not looking to invest over $50,000, then the likes of American Hartford or Goldco, for example, will be better options.

Augusta Precious Metals: About the Company


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The company is also not only endorsed by the NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana, but he has also personally put his reputation on the line by being a customer of Augusta Precious Metals, which is very transparent about its prices and investment options. They provide personalized and extensive educational resources to help you make an informed financial decision.

Isaac Nuriani, who also serves as the company’s CEO, founded Augusta Precious Metals in 2012 to help investors in America diversify their retirement savings into physical, gold, and silver products.

Augusta Precious Metals company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, and some of the things that make it stand out from its competitors are superior customer service, transparency, commitment to education, and expertise within the realm of Precious Metals IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals has worked hard to provide the high-quality customer service they offer, which is shown through the lack of complaints towards them. In a conversation I had with the CEO Issac Nuriani, he informed me that, as a company, they do not employ salespeople who work for commission. This is to ensure customers do not receive high-pressure tactics to invest.

Money Magazine named Augusta Precious Metals the best overall gold and silver IRA company in 2022. On the other hand, Investopedia named the company as the most transparent. also named Augusta as the most trusted IRA investment company in the United States. This renowned gold and silver IRA company has numerous educational and instructional videos on how to invest in gold and silver IRAs. You can access the videos on their YouTube channel.

Augusta Precious Metals – Here Are The Key Takeaways

Key Features-Pros
  • Personally Endorsed By Joe Montana, who is a client
  • Zero Complaints since 2012
  • Personalized Webinar With Harvard Economist
  • A+ with BBB and 4.97/5 from their customers
  • Up to 10 years of fees waivered depending on the investment
  • $50,000 Minimum Investment in Gold IRA
  • Only offer Gold and Silver, not other precious metals
  • Premium coins cost more than bullion

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

Review Company Rating/Review Score Rating/Score Based On
Better Business Bureau A+ Rating & 4.96/5 Review Score Based on 120 customer reviews
TrustLink 4.9/5 Stars Based on 286 customer reviews
Business Consumer Alliance AAA Rating & 5/5 Stars Based on 98 customer reviews
Google 4.9/5 Stars Based on 403 customer revires

They do not have any rating on Trustpilot.

NOTE: Data correct as of 10/24/2023.

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Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

When I spoke with the company, they told me they had not received one complaint since starting in 2012. When you look at the reviews with the various companies mentioned in the above table, there are zero complaints, as Augusta stated. This is impressive and marks them as a unique precious metal IRA provider.

Who Should Invest with Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals is the perfect investment vehicle for both experienced investors and persons new to the silver and gold market.

They offer the ideal investment vehicle for individuals that want to diversify their retirement portfolios. If you are looking to protect your investments from fluctuations in the stock market, you should also consider investing with Augusta.

They are not ideal for customers with less than $50,000 to invest in Precious Metals IRAs.

For non-IRA investments, Augusta only works with clients who have at least $50,000. So, if you have at least $50,000 to invest, Augusta is definitely your company.

If you have less than $50,000, then either American Hartford Gold or Goldco are certainly the number 1 choices. If $10,000 is your maximum, then American Hartford Gold or Birch Gold Group, whose minimum investment requirement is $10,000, will be a better option for you.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Stand Out?



augusta precious metals one to one webinar offerAugusta Precious Metals has a unique one-on-one approach.

If you are serious about investing in the precious metals market, the company will even put together a personalized presentation and educational webinar just for you. It will be run by Devlyn Steele, their director of education and on-staff Harvard-trained economist.

Devlyn will spend however long you want with you on your webinar, answering every question you may have.

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Why Invest with Augusta Precious Metal?

Augusta Precious Metals provides the top 7 reasons it believes you should invest precious metals with them as opposed to other precious metals investment companies. The reasons below are actually listed on the company’s official website and are:


Core Values Principles Morals Concept


The company works to learn about your specific financial goals and customize the advice they give you to suit your needs better. They do this by arranging for you a one-to-one presentation with their Harvard Economist, Devlyn Steele, who will look at your own personal circumstances and answer all your questions before you make any decisions.


If you are wondering how Augusta Precious Metals works, you can expect first-class customer service, which is simply unmatched. They make the process of investing in actual gold not only easy but also enjoyable. It doesn’t matter whether you have an existing IRA or it is your first time buying gold; you are assured of a great investment experience.


The team is committed to supporting its clients in reaching their financial goals. As a company, they are incredibly easy to reach. All clients enjoy free access to educators.

Once you become an Augusta Precious Metals client, you will receive lifetime support from its experienced gold and silver IRAs professionals. You will have a go-to person for any needs you may have.

Augusta Precious Metals will not just leave you on your own after selling you gold and silver coins. They will be your long-term partner throughout your investment journey.


They offer an impressive selection of silver and gold coins and silver bullion from different mints worldwide to help you build a diversified retirement savings account.

Ease of Process

Another aspect that makes Augusta Precious Metals the go-to company for both silver IRAs and gold IRAs is the ease of investment process. Whether you are dealing with a Roth IRA or physical gold, the experts will walk you through all the paperwork to ensure nothing goes wrong. You can rest assured that Augusta will simplify the investment process.

Exceptional Customer Service

Based on over 930 customer reviews, Augusta Precious Metals have an average of 4.95 out of 5 stars. It has countless five-star reviews from renowned rating companies like Better Business Bureau, Trustlink, Consumer Affairs, Google Reviews, and BCA. Most customers outline that the Augustus Preciouam did not pressurize them into buying but rather made them feel valued, unlike other precious metal IRAs.


Augusta Precious Metals is very transparent and doesn’t charge hidden fees. The company communicates regularly and clearly to keep you properly updated on what’s happening.


The team of experts will keep working with you and will be available to provide advice or answer questions even after your initial investment, which ranks Augusta Precious Metals among the best gold IRA providers.


Claim Your Free Gold IRA Guide

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

Here are the fees you can expect to pay if you decide to invest with Augusta Precious Metals:

  • $50 Account Setup Fee (One-Time)
  • $80 Account Maintenance Fee (Annual)
  • $100 Storage Fee (Annual)

Augusta Precious Metals offers four different packages for the fees for your gold IRA investment. Each one relates to how much you wish to invest into your Gold IRA.

Bronze Club: Starts With an Investment of $50,000

If you are looking to invest anywhere between $50,000 to $200,000 in gold and silver, then there is a one-time application fee of $50 plus an $80 per year IRA fee, and finally, a $100 per year insured Secure Depository fee. Making the total fee $230 for the first year. From year two onwards, the fees are $180.

Silver Club: Investment in precious metal IRAs between $200,000 to $500,000

Fees are the same as with the Bronze Club, but they will reimburse you each year for the first three years by adding your gold and silver IRA back to your depository account. This means they will offset the cost of your fees for the first three years.

Gold Club: Investment of $500,000 to a million dollars in gold and silver

With the Gold package, your fees are reimbursed annually with silver for the first five years.

They offer you the opportunity to have all your fees paid for the next ten years, which is available to people who enter their Millionaires Club by investing over 1 million in precious metals.

Shipping and Insurance

When choosing a gold IRA or silver IRA provider, you must understand the shipping and insurance arrangements. Shipping and insurance are included for free with all purchases from Augusta. If you buy silver and/or gold for your IRA, it will be securely delivered to your selected IRS-approved depository, where they will be fully insured.

If you buy silver and gold IRAs for a personal investment, you can expect your shipment to be discreetly packaged to protect your investment. Orders typically ship within 7 to 10 business days after the completion of the purchase.

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Precious Metals IRAs

One of the key services that Augusta provides is helping investors set up their new self-directed IRAs as well as helping them roll over existing retirement accounts into self-directed IRAs.

Augusta Precious Metals has dedicated departments with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who streamline setting up a silver and gold IRA. Each client is assigned a dedicated agent, making the process of buying precious metals straightforward.

Here are simple steps to setting up a Precious Metals IRA with Augusta Precious Metals:

Now you understand that Augusta Precious Metals is reliable, given its positive ratings on Better Business Bureau and other rating platforms. However, you could be wondering about how Augusta Precious Metals actually works.

For example, which steps should you follow if you want to purchase actual physical gold? How can you include physical gold in your individual retirement account? What sets Augusta Precious Metals apart from other precious metals IRA providers? You might also wonder how long the Augusta Precious Metals investing process takes.

A detailed gold IRA FAQ is on the Augusta Precious Metals website. Here’s what you should expect:

Customer Signs Up

The first step involves you requesting a free investment guide from Augusta Precious Metals. Once you have received your guide, contact them when ready. A company representative will then assign you a dedicated customer success agent to assist you for the account’s lifetime, acting as a liaison between you and the rest of the departments within Augusta.

Gold IRAs Processing

Augusta Precious Metals has made the process of setting up an IRA easy and stress-free. The customer success agent will then refer you to the processing team, which will do much of the work for you. The first step will be to get your application filled out and processed.

Funding the Account

The Augusta Precious Metals team will initiate the money transfer process. You can choose to fund your IRA account by rolling over funds from your existing 401(k), IRA, or another retirement account. The team will keep you informed each step of the way.

Purchasing Your Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals has a dedicated help desk ready to help you with the purchasing process. After you have completed the purchase of precious metals for your IRA, the company will have them shipped to a secure storage facility such as the Delaware Depository.


4 main coins allowed in gold ira

IRS-Approved Coins

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) establishes criteria that must be met for precious metals to be held in an IRA. All gold and silver coins and bars must be at least 99.9 percent pure (except for the American Eagle Gold Coin), and all silver coins and bars must be at least 99.9 percent pure.

Here are some of the IRS-approved silver and gold coins that you can add to your Augusta Precious Metals investment portfolio:

Coins For Silver IRA:

– Canadian Silver Eagle with Nest Coins – Canadian Silver Soaring Eagle Coins – Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins – American Silver Eagle Coins

Coins For Gold IRAs:

– Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins – Gold Canadian Eagle Coins – Gold American Buffalo Coins – Gold American Eagle Coins – Gold American Eagle Proofs


According to IRS regulations, silver and gold for a Precious Metals IRA have to be stored in an IRS-approved facility. Augusta Precious Metals use the best-secured depository available, which is the Delaware Depository.

Purchasing Silver and Gold for Personal Investment

Augusta Precious Metals also offers gold and silver coins and bars for personal investment in addition to its self-directed IRA. Investing in gold bars or silver bars directly with the company outside of an IRA offers numerous benefits, the biggest being the ability to manage your assets directly.

What I Like About Them

The company has a unique one-on-one approach. If you are serious about investing in the precious metals industry, the company will even put together a personalized presentation and educational webinar just for you, as I mentioned before. The company also has an overwhelming number of positive reviews online, and as also mentioned, they have received zero complaints since its formation back in 2012.

What Could Be Done Better

$50,000 is the minimum purchase with Augusta for both direct delivery and Precious Metals IRA purchases. The $50,000 minimum is particularly high for most investors.

The Bottom Line

If you want to invest in precious metals to diversify your portfolio, you should explore what Augusta Precious Metals offers. I recommend Augusta Precious Metals to anyone intending to open a gold IRA account. Augusta Precious Metals is a reliable partner for your gold and silver IRA account and investment. The company handles all aspects of precious metals investments, from paperwork and purchases to delivery and storage in depositories.

The company’s official website is not the best for being organized, but the people you will be dealing with are knowledgeable and responsive to help you get all the answers and information you need to get started with precious metals investing. The one-to-one personalized webinar is a great touch to help you get all your questions answered before you invest. Check out the company’s website and order their free guide to get started today.

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