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Noble Gold Review
  • Fees Score - 97%
  • Reputation - 92%
  • Customer Service - 96%
  • Education - 94%
  • Ease of Purchase - 95%


Noble Gold Investments is a relatively young company compared to other gold ira companies, although they work hard to provide quality customer service. They have the lowest minimum investment for a precious metals IRA, and do provide some good education tools and materials. I have reviewed them because of their growing reputation.

Smart investors always seek ways of expanding their horizons and diversifying their investment portfolios. For a long time, gold coins, bullion, and other precious metals have provided an allure that no other investment can provide. Noble Gold Investments specializes in precious metals investments, its focus being precious metal purchases and precious metals IRA rollovers. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has become an industry leader in precious metals investments.

The founders of Noble Gold are Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume, who established Noble Gold in 2017. Overall, the company has great ratings and only a few complaints.

Here is a breakdown of the various reviews they have received across leading review sites.

Even if the company has only been operational for just over five years, it has many positive reviews on TrustLink. It also has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and 5-star ratings on Consumer Affairs. The Noble Gold Investments reviews on BBB average 4.98 out of 5 stars. Noble Gold has an AA rating from Consumer Alliance, which is a high score.

However, they have two one-star reviews on Trustpilot from people who explain why they are not at all happy with the service they received.

Noble Gold Reviews

Review Site Score # of reviews # of complaints Date of Last Review Posted 4.98/5 121 5 10/18/2023
BCA 4 Stars 4 Zero 01/06/2017
Trustlink 5 Stars 123 zero 01/14/2020
Trustpilot 3.9 Stars 11 3 10/18/2023
Consumer Affairs 5/5 704 zero 09/26/2023
Facebook 4.8/5 27 zero 06/03/2023
Google N/A N/A N/A N/A

Information correct as of 10/24/2023

Noble Gold Investments – Here Are The Key Takeaways

<strong>Key Features-Pros</strong>
  • The company has a “no-quibble” buyback policy
  • A+ with BBB 4.98/5 from 57 customer reviews
  • The lowest minimum investment required for precious metals ira $2,000, $5,000 for an IRA
  • Low set-up fees


  • Young brand – the company has not been in existence for long. Therefore, it doesn’t have a long-standing reputation like its competitors.
  • Noble Gold’s coin prices are not available online
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins

Noble Gold Investments Review Summary 

Before we dive deeper into this Noble Gold review, here are the highlights of the company at a glance:

  • Unmatched customer service from a committed Noble Gold team that values clients
  • Free Noble gold and silver IRA guide to help investors understand how the services work
  • An exceptional selection of precious metal IRAs
  • Low-pressure selling
  • A trustworthy team with over 25 years of experience in finance and investments
  • High-security US storage facilities
  • Options for storage of rare gold collectors coins and other precious metals coins

Precious metals are an excellent way of diversifying your investment portfolio. Overall, we do recommend the company to investors. However, of course, as with any investment, we strongly recommend you carry out your own full research into Noble Gold Investments.

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Noble Gold at a Glance

Based in Pasadena, California, Noble Gold is a renowned online provider of gold IRAs, precious metal coins, and bars. It offers IRA custodianship through partners instead of acting as an IRA custodian. The company offers IRA-approved bullion, precious coins, and gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bars. The company also offers rare coins for non-IRA purposes. It also offers Royal Survival Packs with prices ranging between $10,000 and $500,000. These are ideal for smart investors seeking to store physical bullion at home for emergency use.

With Noble Gold Investments, you can invest in gold and other precious metals from the comfort of your home. Opening a Noble gold IRAs account is quick and straightforward. Once your account is active, you can start funding it or rolling over your existing 401 (k) or another investment account. You will receive actual coins and gold bullion bars in exchange for the fund you put into the account. The company stores the investors’ physical precious metals in insured and IRS-approved vaults.

When you want to withdraw your gold, Noble Gold will ship it to your address. You can also request the company to liquidate the gold on your behalf. Noble provides valuable information in its free investment kit if you need help investing or liquidating your assets. All investors receive the free investment kit after signing up.

You can also contact Noble Gold to speak with a financial advisor. You will receive personalized advice that matches your unique financial situation. The company guarantees that every piece of advice clients receive is factual and tailored to offer customers a high return on their investment.

Noble Gold Investments has a unique, impressive no-quibble buyback policy. This policy allows investors to sell back their gold to the company at competitive rates. With this option available, you will always have a ready buyer whenever you want to liquidate your assets.

The company has exceptional customer support available through different communication channels.

Noble Gold Company Background and Philosophy

Collin Plume, alongside Charles Thorngren, founded the company in 2017. In November 2020, Charles left the firm, and Collins continued as Noble Gold’s CEO. Even if the company was only founded recently, the founders boast an impressive wealth of experience. Together, the duo brought over two decades of investment experience and extensive knowledge of precious metal IRAs.

The company was founded to eliminate unsavoury practices in the precious metal investment industry. The company sets an exceptionally high moral bar. The immense positive customer reviews are in line with the company’s claim to be the ethical guy in the precious metals IRA industry. The company’s no-quibble buyback program shows that it cares for its customers.

Noble Gold Investments believes in honesty, friendliness, and transparency. They demonstrate these values to customers at every step of the investment journey. They are passionate about helping investors make the best investment decisions by providing alternative retirement solutions. Additionally, safety and simplicity are the other values that the company portrays. The decades of experience in the minds of the founders are invaluable to any investors who choose this gold and silver ira provider. Under Plume’s leadership, Noble Gold prioritizes helping investors safeguard their assets and build long-term wealth.

Services Offered at Noble Gold 

Purity Standards for IRA Gold

Image from Noble Gold Website

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The company boasts a unique collection of account options. One of the best features that sets them apart from competitors is the flexibility for precious metals IRAs. Below are the services that they offer:

  1. Gold IRA

Gold IRAs are a popular investment option that accommodates the widest variety of precious metals. These rollovers allow investors to hedge against market volatility and protect their investments. When you transfer a portion of your pension funds into the IRA, you balance your interest and protect against stock market volatility. These types of long-term gold holdings come with certain tax benefits. Even if gold investing is illiquid, it helps prepare for the future.

  1. Silver IRA

Silver IRAs function in the same way as gold IRAs. The only distinction is the type of metal involved. Silver IRAs allow for silver account transfers.

  1. Royal Survival Pack 

Noble Gold is among the few precious metals IRA providers that offer the Royal Survival Pack service. Royal Survival Packs are not designed as profitable investments or retirement plans. Instead, they serve as an emergency source of funds. Some investors like to prepare for a time when world currencies become worthless and conventional banking collapses. They do this by converting a portion of their savings into physical gold or silver coins that they can trade for goods. The idea is to have assets that you can liquidate for survival purposes if the stock market crashes.

Investors mainly store gold and silver coins with Royal Survival Packs since they are easy to trade. Another unique feature of Royal Survival Packs is the eligibility for home delivery. Therefore, specialty investors and coin collectors opt for this account.

They also work with internationally controlled trusted depositories that provide tailored services. These depositories are not tied to US government laws. Collectors do not have to fear that one day the government might prohibit owning precious metals like gold this way. Any changes in the law will not affect these holding facilities, and this eliminates risks for investors. Without the right contacts, finding this type of facility is hard. However, Noble provides this option to all their clients.

  1. Precious Metal Bullion 

Noble Gold is approved and licensed to offer precious metals in the form of bullion and speciality coins. Investors can buy collectible coins and government-approved palladium in various weights. The collectible coins include Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins and American Gold Eagle Coins.

Purchasing Precious Metals with Noble Gold Investments

You can invest in precious metals with the company in several ways. The company has an expansive range of options regarding what you can buy. The assets you can invest in will vary depending on your account type. The options include:

  • Gold coins ( standard, collectible, and rare coins)
  • Gold bars ( one-kilo standard or one-ounce gold mint)
  • Silver coins – ( one or five-ounce in several variations, vintage collectibles, junk, or one-kilogram Australian silver coin)
  • Silver bars ( ranging from 1, 10, or 100 ounces)
  • Co Platinum and Baird Bars
  • Rare coins (independently verified, certified, and graded)
  • A range of platinum and palladium coins

It is easy to open a gold and silver IRA at Noble Gold. You will not encounter complicated transactions and high-pressure selling. The company ensures a simplified and streamlined experience for investors.

Starting and Funding a Noble Gold IRA Investors Account 


noble gold guide

Claim Your Free Guide Here

 Noble Gold makes investing in precious metals IRA simple and straightforward. To get started, you just have to complete an online setup form from Noble Gold’s website. It only takes around five minutes to fill out the form.

Once you submit the IRA setup form, Noble Gold will contact you within 24 hours to assign a custodian who will help you set up your account. The custodian will provide any other paperwork that you need to fill out. After completing the setup process, you will receive an email outlining your new account number.

You can now fund your account through a rollover or transfer or by paying cash. Noble Gold will also move your assets from your old custodian to the new one. The company completes the process on your behalf, so you don’t have to handle the funds.

If you are doing a rollover, you have to withdraw your assets from your current retirement account and reinvest them in your new IRA. You will not incur tax penalties if you reinvest the assets into the precious metals IRA within 60 days of withdrawing them from your existing investment account.

 The Minimum Investment 

The minimum investment for a precious metals IRA at Noble Gold is $2,000. This applies when you are transferring or buying directly. However, if you are rolling over from an existing account, the minimum investment is $5,000.

 Retirement Accounts that are Eligible for Noble Gold IRA Rollover

The following retirement accounts are eligible for a rollover:


  • Roth
  • TSP
  • SEP
  • 401(k)
  • 457 (b)
  • 403 (b)

If you have another type of retirement account not listed above, you can contact Noble Gold to find out if the account qualifies for a rollover.

Investors do not incur penalties or taxes for moving their funds from one qualified retirement account to another. In addition, you will not incur charges or penalties for transferring from one custodian to the other. However, you must invest the funds in a gold IRA within 60 days of withdrawing the funds. If you don’t reinvest the funds within 60 days, you will have to pay taxes.

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 Noble Gold Storage Options 

The company is renowned for keeping the investors’ precious metals in secure facilities. The company has three insured and IRS-approved depositories:

  • Texas, USA
  • Delaware, USA
  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Noble Gold uses segregated storage; each investor’s precious metals are stored separately. Therefore, there is no mix-up of Noble gold coins of different customers. Investors are free to schedule visits to the vault to check on their precious metals whenever they want. Lloyd’s of London provides all-risk insurance for all the assets in storage.

 Noble Gold Investments Pricing Information

Noble Gold outlines that it prioritizes the needs of its clients. The company’s fee structure is a reflection of this. It is better than the industry averages. The company charges a recurring annual fee of $80, and all investors pay the same fee regardless of the size of their gold IRA investment. There is also a fee of $150 for storing your gold in Delaware or Texas. The fees include the cost of secure and segregated storage for your physical gold, the insurance fees, and an online account for tracking your assets in real-time. The Royal Survival Packs have no annual fees. However, they require a significantly larger investment.

It is important to note that the custodial fees will vary depending on your investment choices. However, the team is happy to discuss the pricing with you whenever you contact them. The customer helplines are always open to discussing the pricing and give you an idea of what to expect. Upon signing up, investors receive a welcome bonus that varies every month. Above all, the first year of your account is free. The company waives all the fees, and you enjoy great bonuses.

 Noble Gold – Legit and Trustworthy? 

Based on the Noble Gold reviews from the existing customers and the transparency portrayed by the company’s team, Noble Gold is a legit and trustworthy business. The company has more than three million verified customer reviews. Most of these reviews are extremely positive, making the professionalism and reliability of the company seem absolute. Noble Gold has one of the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau of all the gold IRA firms available. The positive reviews and excellent ratings are enough reasons to trust the company.

 Noble Gold Website, Blog, and Social Media 

The website is easy to navigate and provides plenty of relevant information on how the IRA process works. There is also information on the available bullion. Investors enjoy an insightful blog with up-to-date topics on investing in precious metal – an up-to-date blog is a clear sign of a company that is on the move. You will find a new post on the company’s blog every week. All the posts are relevant to the gold IRA, touching on areas like the economy, the government financial policy, the impact of the pandemic on the economy, and the precious metals markets. All the articles are short and to the point, making them easy to read.

Noble is active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The company engages its customers, answers questions, and shares updates regarding its products and services on these social media channels. You can contact the company through any social media channel for assistance.

It is always reassuring for investors when a company has a high media profile. Even if a strong media profile does not guarantee service quality, it shows that the market takes the company seriously. A number of prestigious media outlets have asked Noble Gold to comment on crypto, precious metals, and IRAs. This shows that the company is recognized in the precious metals investment industry.

 Should You Invest in Noble Gold?

Customers choose Noble over other gold IRA firms for their exceptional customer support. With its excellent customer ratings, the company attracts and maintains satisfied clients. Their reviews and ratings are authentic. They respect their mission statement to the letter and always put the needs of their customers first. Below are some reasons why you should consider investing in Noble Gold:

  • Secure Storage 

Noble Gold has international depository services that are approved by COMEX/CME and LBMA, making it convenient for investors to store precious metals.

  • Buyback Policy 

When withdrawing gold, investors can take advantage of a no-quibble buyback policy; it provides a quick way of liquidating your gold bullion coins. Noble Gold provides competitive prices when buying gold from its customers.

  • Prompt and Discreet Shipping 

When your gold IRA matures, they can send it to your address. The company ships precious metals through Noble Express. This prompt and secure shipping method prioritizes discretion when making deliveries.

  • Professional Guidance

Especially if it is your first time investing in a gold IRA, you will greatly benefit from Noble Gold’s free investment kit. This kit contains information that enables investors to make smart investment choices. You could also contact a Noble Gold representative to get personalized investment advice.

  • Positive Reviews

Noble Gold’s reviews and ratings are predominantly positive. This indicates that the company is legit and reliable. It also indicates that the company values its customers and takes care of their needs.

How Noble Gold Compares with Other Gold IRA Companies

Birch Gold is the closest comparison to Noble, through the lower amounts of investments they offer and the fees they both charge, along with experience and reviews. Below is a table of comparison. American Hartford Gold is my overall number one choice for the best gold ira company.

Noble Gold v Birch Gold Comparison

Noble Gold v Birch Gold Comparison

Noble Gold Birch Gold Winner
Fees 97/100 95/100 Noble Gold
Reputation 92/100 94/100 Birch Gold
Customer Service 96/100 95/100 Noble Gold
Customer Education 94/00 98/100 Birch Gold
Ease of Purchase 95/100 95/100 Shared
Overall 94/100 95/100 Birch Gold

Noble Gold is a fairly young company compared to other gold IRA firms. The company does not have a long-standing reputation. However, the process of opening an account at Noble Gold is efficient and streamlined, usually taking less than ten minutes.

Noble Gold appears to offer a good level of flexibility with all its products and accounts. The information provided on the company’s website is easy to understand. Any investor planning to enter the precious metals industry with no prior experience would appreciate the transparency they offer.

The level of customer service at Noble Gold Investments is exceptionally high. The company’s support team is highly involved in how the company interacts with its clients.

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