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Established in 2017, the Oxford Gold Group has emerged as a trusted precious metals dealer. Based in Beverly Hills, California, the company operates to serve investors interested in gold IRAs and physical precious metal investments. The Oxford Gold Group store, co-owned and led by president Patrick Granfar, is a seasoned professional in the field, previously serving as a senior accounts executive at Augusta Precious Metals.

As highlighted in various review articles, Oxford Gold Group’s central purpose is to equip investors with the necessary education and resources to make informed financial decisions. The company’s Learning Center and Market News resources comprehensively explain investing in precious metals and the latest market trends. With its commitment to ethical practices, Oxford Gold Group is a reliable business for purchasing precious metal coins and other products.

Oxford Gold Group – Here Are The Key Takeaways

<strong>Key Features-Pros</strong>
  • Transparent Fees: Oxford Gold Group has clear fee structures with no hidden costs.
  • Multiple Depository Options: The company uses the Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services to secure the storage of IRA metals. It also offers an exclusive Texas storage facility for Texas residents.
  • Variety of Precious Metals: They deal in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Tailored Investment Strategies: The company specializes in tailoring investment strategies to fit individual retirement goals by acquiring precious metals.
  • Self-Directed Precious Metal IRAs: Oxford Gold Group offers self-directed precious metal IRAs, allowing clients to choose their investments.
  • No Online Purchases: The company doesn’t allow online purchases.
  • No Online Application: The application process cannot be completed online.
  • Delivery Delays: Some reviews mention delays in receiving ordered precious metals.
  • Limited Online Information: Some details, like the exact fee structure for different account sizes, are not detailed comprehensively online.
  • Direct Contact Needed: Interested clients often need to contact the company directly via phone or email for detailed information and transactions.

Services Offered by Oxford Gold Group

gold bars and coins as alternative investments

Oxford Gold Group offers a host of services, including precious metals IRAs and physical precious metals in the form of gold coins, bars, and other precious metals. These services not only provide a wide investment choice, but also offer the opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

Let’s delve into these services in more detail.

Precious Metals IRA

A precious metals IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, is a self-directed account that includes investments in gold bullion and other approved precious metals. These accounts, also known as precious metal ira, offer a safeguard against inflation and diversify portfolios, thus providing a solid foundation for your retirement savings.

Oxford Gold Group is committed to helping investors set up and manage precious metals IRAs. Their experienced IRA account managers guide clients through the process of opening, funding, and investing in a gold IRA account, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Once funds are received, they provide an overview of available investment options and facilitate the initial precious metal purchases for the IRA.

When you purchase precious metals, the ordered items are securely shipped to one of Oxford Gold Group’s depositories in Delaware or Utah, ensuring the safety and security of your investment.

Gold Coins and Bars

Apart from IRAs, Oxford Gold Group also provides a selection of gold coins and bars for investment purposes. The beauty of these physical gold assets is that they offer a tangible investment option, a feeling of holding your wealth in your hands, which is quite unlike any electronic record of stock ownership.

Opening the doors to a global investment realm, the company offers coins from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. The minimum investment required to acquire gold and have it shipped to your residence through Oxford Gold Group is $1,500, making the world of precious metals investing accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, the company offers individualized support from account partners to assist investors in their journey.

Other Precious Metals

In addition to gold, Oxford Gold Group provides investment opportunities in silver, platinum, and palladium, further expanding the spectrum of investment options for their clients. These metals not only diversify an investment portfolio, but also offer a hedge against potential economic downturns.

The company’s Learning Center is a treasure trove of information for investors, providing a comprehensive understanding of precious metal investment. Additionally, their real-time pricing lets investors stay informed about the current market price of precious metals, ensuring they make informed investment decisions.

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Oxford Gold Group Fees

Fees Wooden Blocks On Increasing Coins Stacks

Based on the information from the Oxford Gold Group’s article on gold IRA fees, here are the fees associated with setting up a precious metals IRA:

  1. Setup and Administration Fees:

    • You will always be responsible for paying a setup fee for an IRA when you open the account.
    • Expenses can range from $50 to $500 and up.
    • The fee is necessary because trustees must adhere to strict IRS rules for opening and maintaining a gold IRA account, including taxation, transfer of goods, and record-keeping.
  2. Transaction Fees:

    • Transaction fees are charges from an independent trustee or brokerage firm for their services when you initiate the purchase or sale of gold or other precious metals.
    • The price will differ among custodians, but the average amount is $40.
  3. Termination Fees:

    • Closing your gold IRA account is not free, even if you roll the funds into another account.
    • Termination fees generally run about $150.
  4. Gold Coin Markups:

    • When you buy precious metals, you are not only paying to own the bullion or coin. You must also pay a specific premium on top of the spot price.
    • The amount for coin markups depends on the product you purchase, its metal, and the demand for the product.
  5. Annual Maintenance Fees:

    • Gold IRAs carry yearly maintenance fees beyond the setup and admin expenses.
    • Costs can range from $75 to several hundred dollars annually.
  6. Gold Storage Fees:

    • As per IRS regulations, invested precious metals must remain in a qualified depository until the time of withdrawal.
    • Vaulting costs may also include full insurance at market value on your assets.
    • Depository fees may also include a percentage of the total value of your assets or a flat fee.

In summary, the exact fees associated with setting up a precious metals IRA with Oxford Gold Group can vary based on several factors, including the choice of a custodian, the type and amount of precious metals purchased, and the storage facility used. It’s essential to consult directly with the company or review their detailed fee schedule to understand all associated costs precisely.

While investing in precious metals with Oxford Gold Group seems appealing, understanding the associated costs is crucial for a complete picture. The company levies annual maintenance and storage fees, with the first-year fee standing at $325, which then decreases to $180 for subsequent years.

However, it’s important to note that there may be additional fees for certain services, such as paper statements. While larger accounts might be eligible for rebates, the details of these are best discussed with the company’s representatives. Understanding these upfront charges can prevent future surprises and ensure a smooth investment experience.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Oxford Gold Group Reviews

Customer reviews can provide invaluable insights into a company’s operations and customer service. For Oxford Gold Group, the overall sentiment of customer reviews is generally favorable, with some areas of concern.

Let’s delve deeper into these reviews for a clearer picture.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from customers is a strong testament to Oxford Gold Group’s professionalism, responsiveness, and friendly service. These attributes, along with the company’s commitment to guiding investors throughout the process, educating them about the pros and cons of precious metal IRAs, and addressing their queries in detail, have contributed to its high ratings on platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Trustpilot.

The company’s investor kit, accessible through their website, is particularly appreciated by customers. The kit contains a 15-page PDF with information regarding the precious metals market, storage depositories, and diversification options, serving as a valuable resource for both novice and experienced investors.

Negative Feedback

However, like any business, Oxford Gold Group has had its share of negative feedback. Some customers have reported delivery delays and a lack of clarity regarding fees and prices. The company has addressed these complaints, marking them as resolved, but it’s worth noting for potential investors.

Unfortunately, the latest customer feedback was not positive. It seems that the delivery of physical metals took longer than expected. While it’s unclear whether this is a consistent issue or a one-time occurrence, being aware of such potential delays can help you plan your investment timeline.

Oxford Gold Reviews

Review Site Score # of reviews # of complaints
BBB 4.9/5 96 12
BCA 5 Stars 37 Zero
Trustlink No Score No Reviews zero
Trustpilot 49 Stars 183 Zero
Consumer Affairs 4.6/5 125 zero
Facebook 5/5 59 zero
Google 4.8/5 204 Zero

Information correct as of 10/24/2023

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Security and Storage of Precious Metals

Gold in the Bank Opening door of safe in the Bank

Ensuring the security and safekeeping of precious metals is of paramount importance. For this purpose, Oxford Gold Group has partnered with secure depositories like Delaware Depository and Brinks Depository for storage, and offers comprehensive insurance and protection through Lloyds of London for their clients’ investments.

While storing precious metals at home might seem attractive, it’s not recommended due to security concerns and IRS regulations prohibiting holding precious metals in an IRA at home or in a personal safety security box. By choosing Oxford Gold Group, investors can rest assured that their investments are safe.

Comparing Oxford Gold Group to Competitors


Oxford v American Hartford Gold V Goldco Comparison

American Hartford Gold Goldco Oxford Gold Group Winner
Fees 100/100 97/100 90/100 American Hartford Gold
Reputation 100/100 96/100 95/100 American Hartford Gold
Customer Service 98/100 98/100 93/100 AHG/Goldco
Customer Education 95/00 97/100 98/100 Oxford Gold Group
Ease of Purchase 97/100 99/100 92/100 Goldco
Overall 98/100 97/100 94/100 American Hartford Gold

Opening an Account with Oxford Gold Group

Female customer service representative using laptop while colleagues in background at office

Opening an account with Oxford Gold Group is a simple process. You can create an account online or contact their account managers at (877) 544-1523. Once the account is set up, funds can be transferred from an existing IRA or other retirement account, as well as from a bank account or other financial institution.

After transferring the funds, you can select the metals for your investment. Once the purchase is made, the metals are shipped via insured carriers, safeguarding your investment during transit. The company’s commitment to providing a smooth and seamless experience is evident in their account setup process.

Withdrawing from an Oxford Gold Group IRA


Oxford Gold Group offers two withdrawal options for a precious metals IRA. You can either liquidate the metals in your account or take physical possession of them. However, it’s important to note that there is a 10% penalty for early withdrawal before age 59 1/2, with some exceptions.

Oxford Gold Group facilitates the process, Whether you sell the metals or take physical possession. However, it’s crucial to plan your withdrawal strategy to align with your financial goals and retirement timeline to avoid potential penalties.


In conclusion, Oxford Gold Group has carved a niche in the precious metals market, offering a wide array of services including precious metals IRAs, gold coins and bars, and other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. The company’s commitment to educating investors, providing personalized support, and focusing on security and transparency speaks volumes about its dedication to customer satisfaction.

While there have been some concerns about delivery delays and fee transparency, these appear to be exceptions rather than the norm. Overall, Oxford Gold Group offers a reliable and credible platform for investing in precious metals, providing a robust foundation for securing your financial future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oxford Gold Group a legitimate company?

Oxford Gold Group has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a 4.8/5 rating on Google, and a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, making it a legitimate and trustworthy company.

These ratings demonstrate that Oxford Gold Group is a reliable and reputable company. Customers can trust that their investments are in good hands.

How much does the Oxford Gold Group cost?

Oxford Gold Group charges an annual maintenance fee ranging from $175 to $225, depending on the account balance. Accounts with less than $100,000 will incur an annual fee of $175.

Accounts with a balance higher than $100,000 will be charged a fee of $225.

How does Oxford Gold Group work?

Oxford Gold Group allows you to open a precious metal IRA, contribute money, and choose the metals to invest in for a tax-advantaged account.

Investing with the Oxford Gold Group is easy and secure.

Does Dave Ramsey recommend investing in gold?

Dave Ramsey does not recommend investing in gold, asserting that it won’t help protect against inflation and should be replaced by paying down debts and investing in useful products. He believes that gold and other precious metals have a “lousy long-term track record” and advises investors to avoid them completely.

What services does Oxford Gold Group offer?

Oxford Gold Group provides secure precious metal IRAs, as well as gold coins and bars, silver, platinum, and palladium.

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