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Patriot Gold Group Review
  • Fees Score - 91%
  • Reputation - 95%
  • Customer Service - 94%
  • Education - 92%
  • Ease of Purchase - 91%


Patriot Gold Group is a respected precious metals dealer with an impressive reputation. The company offers comprehensive services to set up and benefit from a secure, IRS-approved Precious Metals IRA. Customers have praised Patriot Gold Group for its excellent service and support in securing successful investments. Some have raised concerns regarding the initial fee.

Patriot Gold Group: Company Overview


Patriot Gold Group is a highly respected precious metals dealer, offering gold and silver coins for investment and educational materials. With a dedication to providing exceptional customer service and support, this company has earned an impressive reputation among third-party watchdogs, achieving an A+ rating with the BBB and high ratings on ConsumerAffairs, Facebook, Google, and TrustPilot. A thorough Patriot Gold Group review can attest to their commitment to excellence in the precious metals industry.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, their expertise in precious metals IRAs makes them a preferred choice for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with gold and silver. As a reputable precious metals company, the Patriot Gold Group store is affiliated with the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation and certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service, offering a variety of precious metal products for investors.

By contacting a Patriot Gold Group representative, you can learn more about the available gold and silver products tailored for investment purposes, including collectibles and precious metals IRAs.

Patriot Gold Group – Here Are The Key Takeaways

Key Features-Pros
  • No-fee-for-life program: Patriot Gold Group offers a program where there are no fees for life on qualifying IRAs.
  • Quick Account Setup: They provide a 24-hour turnaround for setting up new accounts.
  • Multiple Storage Options: The company offers precious metals storage in different parts of the country.
  • Direct Working Relationship: Clients have a direct working relationship with one of the company’s owners.
  • Variety of Products: They sell gold and silver coins and bars, which are available for home delivery, and also offer self-directed precious metal IRAs.
  • Limited Metal Options: The company only deals in gold and silver and doesn’t offer platinum or palladium.
  • No Online Purchases: Purchases aren’t available online, although there’s a quote tool on their website.
  • Lack of Price Transparency: Patriot Gold doesn’t list prices online for its products. Customers have to interact with a representative to get current values.
  • IRA Fees Not Detailed Online: The company doesn’t detail its IRA fees online, and accounts below the no-fees-for-life limit have associated fees.
  • High Minimum Investment: There is a minimum investment requirement of $50,000.

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Leadership and Experience

The company is led by CEO Jack Hanney, who has an extensive background in finance and a wealth of knowledge in the precious metals sector, with over 20 years of experience. Hanney’s leadership ensures that clients receive expert advice and guidance, making Patriot Gold Group a trusted partner in the precious metals investment industry.

Under Hanney’s direction, Patriot Gold Group has become a leader in the precious metals market.

Accreditation and Ratings

Patriot Gold Group’s commitment to excellence is evident through its impressive accreditation and ratings. The company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received positive feedback on various platforms such as Consumer Affairs, Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot. These high ratings and positive customer experiences speak volumes about the quality of service Patriot Gold Group provides.

In addition to their BBB rating, Patriot Gold Group has also garnered accreditation from Consumer Affairs for four consecutive years and membership in the Business-Consumer Alliance. This track record of excellence gives investors peace of mind when choosing Patriot Gold Group for their precious metals investments.

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Precious Metals IRA Services

Gold bar on the background of the growth chart. Selective focus.

Patriot Gold Group offers a seamless process for setting up a precious metals IRA, a self-directed IRA that holds physical metals such as gold and silver coins as retirement assets in an IRS-approved storage facility. They provide a comprehensive process to establish a precious metals IRA, including executing transactions, liaising with the IRS, and selecting a custodian. This personalized service ensures that your investment is secure and compliant with IRS regulations.

Investing in precious metals through a precious metal IRA can offer tax benefits when saving for retirement. By providing valuable resources and guidance, Patriot Gold Group makes it easy for investors to navigate the complexities of precious metals IRAs and benefit from the potential tax advantages.

IRA Setup Process

Establishing an IRA with Patriot Gold Group involves transferring an existing account or completing an application, paying the associated fees, and executing any necessary trade orders. Transferring an existing self-directed IRA to Patriot Gold Group is a straightforward process. Simply contact the company’s call center and sign the necessary documentation electronically. Your customer service representative will take care of the rest, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Patriot Gold typically completes the trades within two days of receipt of funds. This timeline helps ensure a timely completion of the trades. This quick turnaround time allows investors to seize market opportunities and secure their precious metals investments without delay.

Custodian and Storage Options

Patriot Gold Group provides a range of custodian and storage solutions, such as vault storage and an intricate approach for keeping metals in an IRA at home. The precise fee depends on the custodian and the facility chosen, with additional costs for extra security measures such as a sectioned vault, which is only accessible by the individual. All vault contents are insured. The annual custodial fees cover the insurance policy as well as storage. Patriot Gold works with Equity Institutional and Strata Trust, with Equity Institutional charging approximately $180 per annum and Strata Trust charging around $150 annually.

Custodians play a vital role in establishing and maintaining precious metals IRAs, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations and providing investors with a secure and transparent investment experience. With Patriot Gold Group’s custodian and storage options, investors can feel confident that their precious metal assets are well protected.

Product Selection

gold bars and coins as alternative investments

The company offers a wide selection of gold and silver products, including bullion bars and coins from renowned mints worldwide. By providing a diverse product selection, Patriot Gold Group ensures that investors can find the right precious metals investment to fit their needs and preferences.

When it comes to gold products, the company offers coins and limited gold bar options, such as 10-ounce bars from the Royal Canadian Mint. For silver products, they provide a variety of coins from different countries. However, it is worth noting that no platinum or palladium products are available at Patriot Gold Group.

Despite this limitation, the wide range of gold and silver offerings allows investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the potential benefits of precious metals investing.

Gold Products

Patriot Gold Group’s gold products include bullion coins and limited gold bar options, such as 10-ounce bars from the Royal Canadian Mint. They offer three gold coins as approved IRA investments. These include the American Gold Buffalo, American Gold Eagle, and Gold Canadian Maple Leaf.

With various gold coins and precious metal coins from renowned mints worldwide, investors have ample choices to diversify their portfolios and secure their retirement savings with tangible assets.

Silver Products

Patriot Gold Group’s silver products comprise a variety of coins from various countries, including Silver Buffalo Rounds, The Royal Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and more. They offer the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and Silver American Eagle as silver options for Precious Metals IRA.

This diverse selection of silver products allows investors to diversify their portfolios further and capitalize on the potential benefits of investing in silver.

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Fees and Pricing Structure

Fees Wooden Blocks On Increasing Coins Stacks

When investing with Patriot Gold Group, it is essential to consider the fees and pricing structure associated with their services. The company charges a one-time $225 fee for establishing a new Precious Metals IRA. However, additional fees may apply for storage and custodian services, depending on the chosen facility and security measures.

It is crucial for investors to be aware of these fees and compare them with other precious metals IRA providers to ensure they are getting the best value for their investment. Transparency in fee structures allows investors to make informed decisions and fully understand the costs associated with their precious metals investments.

Fee Waivers and Promotions

Patriot Gold Group offers fee waivers and promotions for investments over $30,000, including the waiver of the $225 setup fee. Additionally, accounts with a minimum balance of $250,000 are eligible for a No Fee for Life IRA, which includes covering shipping fees to and from a depository or to your home.

These fee waivers and promotions can provide significant savings for investors and contribute to a more cost-effective precious metals investment experience.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials


An image showing a screenshot of Patriot Gold Group reviews, a reliable source for information on fee waivers and promotions.

Customers who have invested with Patriot Gold Group have shared their experiences and testimonials, praising the company for its knowledgeable staff, helpful support, and guidance in securing a safe and successful investment. Positive feedback from satisfied clients speaks volumes about the quality of service provided by Patriot Gold Group and the trust they have built within the precious metals investment community.

However, it is essential to note that some clients have raised concerns regarding the sizable initial fee and disputes regarding the value of coins. As with any investment, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and carefully consider all factors before making a decision.

Overall, positive customer experiences and testimonials demonstrate that Patriot Gold Group is a reliable and trustworthy partner for precious metals investing.

Customer Support

Patriot Gold Group offers multiple contact options for clients, including live chat, phone, email, and in-person visits. This variety of communication channels ensures that clients can easily reach a knowledgeable representative to address any questions or concerns they may have about their investments.

By providing accessible and responsive customer support, Patriot Gold Group fosters a strong relationship with their clients and helps them confidently navigate the complexities of precious metals investing. Many satisfied clients have contacted Patriot Gold Group to express gratitude for their guidance and expertise.

Education and Resources

Patriot Gold Group Guide

Get Your Free Guide

Patriot Gold Group understands the importance of providing valuable educational resources and market insights to help investors make informed decisions about their precious metals investments. Through their comprehensive educational resources, including the free Gold Coin Investor Guide and IRA investment guide, investors can gain a better understanding of the precious metals market and make well-informed decisions for their retirement portfolios.

In addition to these resources, the company’s knowledge center includes information on precious metals, U.S. dollar vs. gold and silver, and an RMD calculator. These educational materials and market insights empower investors to stay informed about the precious metals industry and make strategic investment decisions that align with their financial goals.

Market Insights

Although specific market insights offered by Patriot Gold Group are not readily available, their commitment to providing comprehensive educational resources and market insights demonstrates their dedication to helping investors make informed decisions about their precious metals investments. By staying up-to-date on market trends and gaining insights from industry experts, investors can maximize the potential benefits of their precious metals investments and secure their financial future.

Investors should take advantage of the resources available to them to ensure they are making the best investments.

Pros and Cons of Investing with Patriot Gold Group

Vector pros and cons compare model - advantages and disadvantages

Investing with Patriot Gold Group has both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the company offers no fees over $100k, favorable customer reviews, and a free gold IRA guide. These benefits make Patriot Gold Group an attractive option for investors seeking a knowledgeable and reputable precious metals investment partner.

On the downside, the company has a limited selection of precious metals, with only gold and silver options available, and no platinum or palladium in their silver IRA offerings. Additionally, some aspects of their website may be unclear or difficult to navigate.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall positive customer experiences and strong industry reputation make Patriot Gold Group a reliable choice among gold IRA companies for those looking to invest in precious metals IRAs.

Comparing Patriot Gold Group to Competitors

When comparing Patriot Gold Group to competitors like Goldco, it is essential to consider factors such as fee structures, product offerings, and customer experiences. While both companies offer precious metals IRAs, the fees and pricing structures may differ, making it crucial for investors to research multiple companies before deciding on the best option for their investment needs.

The product offerings between the two companies may also vary, with Patriot Gold Group focusing primarily on gold and silver coins and bars. In terms of customer experience, both companies have received positive feedback, but it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each company and consider individual preferences when choosing a precious metals IRA provider.


In conclusion, Patriot Gold Group is a reputable precious metals dealer, offering a wide range of gold and silver products, comprehensive precious metals IRA services, and valuable educational resources. With a knowledgeable team led by CEO Jack Hanney, a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and a proven track record of success, Patriot Gold Group is a reliable partner for those looking to invest in precious metals IRAs. While it is essential to carefully consider the pros and cons of investing with Patriot Gold Group, their overall positive customer experiences and industry reputation make them a trustworthy choice for securing your financial future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patriot gold a good investment?

Patriot Gold Group offers quality gold and silver products that can be purchased as collectibles or placed in a precious metals IRA, making it an ideal choice for investing in precious metals.

Overall, Patriot Gold is a good investment.

What is the minimum investment for Patriot Gold Group?

Patriot Gold Group requires a minimum investment of $25,000 to open an account, making it inaccessible to many investors.

How does Patriot Gold Group work?

Patriot Gold Group allows you to open a gold IRA and buy precious metals with tax advantages. They help with contributing cash to your account, managing storage and transportation.

Are gold backed IRAs safe?

Gold backed IRAs are FDIC-insured and offer tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals, providing a secure way for investors to build their retirement.

What types of precious metals are offered by Patriot Gold Group?

Patriot Gold Group offers gold and silver coins and bars for investment, but does not provide platinum or palladium products.

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