What To Consider As You Choose A Gold IRA Company

What To Consider As You Choose A Gold IRA Company

Are you considering rolling your IRA over into a gold IRA? If you are, then it is important to consider this as you choose a gold IRA company.

It is important that your money is working hard for you, no matter what type of IRA you have. Your account may be a major part of your retirement plan, so you want to know your money is earning as much as possible.

Gold IRAs are popular for a good reason. Many investors view gold as a smart long-term investment. Gold offers stability and has been increasing in value for several years. Gold has been the currency of choice for thousands of years. It has served as a reliable monetary system since ancient Egypt. It was used by the United States as the money standard until 1921.

Gold Is Stable

In 1910, an ounce of gold was equal to about $20. You could buy 200 loaves of bread in 1910 and pay only $20. Today, a little more than 100 years later, that same $20 will only buy five loaves of bread. If you tried to buy bread with an ounce of gold at today’s prices, you could purchase almost 600 loaves of bread. Gold has held its worth over the years, which is why it is such a popular investment for retirement funds.

In 1971, the U.S. federal government abandoned the gold standard. Before this, the federal government required that every U.S. dollar printed be backed by gold that was kept in federal vaults. When the government no longer required this, they could print paper dollars at will.

Since this decision, the debt owed by the U.S. government skyrocketed from $414B to more than $17T. This is an almost 4,000% increase. During the same time, the U.S. dollar lost almost 98% of its value. 

Gold, on the other hand, has held its value. If you had invested $10,000 in gold ten years ago, it would be worth an estimated $65,000 today. You would have realized an almost 600% return on your initial investment.

This stability and growth are why so many large investors, including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley invest in gold as a hedge against inflation, financial crisis, and other unforeseen risks. Gold has always held value, even during the worst disasters. An investment in gold is almost certain to increase in value no matter what happens in the national or world economy.

 Choosing A Gold IRA

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Owning gold in your IRA is smart for several reasons. First, it helps diversify your portfolio. Second, it is a protection against loss and third, the profit potential is huge. Including gold in your portfolio helps ensure a stable, dependable, and lucrative future for your retirement.

This is important when so many companies are no longer offering pensions, and so many retirement accounts are losing value because of recent financial crises. Many Americans are facing retirement with less than $30K in their retirement accounts. This means that even though they may be retiring from their career job, they could end up working at Walmart to make ends meet. Investing in gold is a smart way to stabilize the value of your IRA.

Learning how to invest in gold takes some time. It is not as simple as buying a piece of real estate and watching it rise in value before selling. You’ll need to learn the best strategies for making gold a part of your retirement portfolio without wasting effort and money.

A Gold IRA is the best tool for securing your cash. You can then make the buys yourself or work with a financial expert specializing in gold. These experts know how to use your cash to make the best gold trades and purchases. It is important to choose a good gold IRA company that will work to build your portfolio.

As you begin looking for a good gold IRA company, you’ll find there are many in the industry. There are several factors to consider when making your choice, as well as the various gold ira rules and regulations you will need to consider.

What To Consider As You Choose A Gold IRA Company

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1. Fees:

Fee fees are among the most important things to consider when choosing a gold IRA company . You want to ensure you understand all the fees associated with the account. This includes setup fees, maintenance fees, and storage fees. Each company charges different fees, and whereas most gold ira companies charge flat fees, one or two charge a percentage in relation to your investment.

Take, for example, Goldco, which is one of the leading gold ira companies today, their setup fee for an IRA is $260, which consists of the following:

  • a $50 set-up fee,
  • $80 annual maintenance fee,
  • $100* storage fee,
  • $30 wire fee.

Then you have the annual fees to pay which with Goldco is $180, which consists of an $80 annual maintenance fee, and $100* storage fee.

$100 storage fee is for non-segregated storage. Add $50 for segregation.

Another leading gold ira company, Augusta Precious Metals, has a different fee setup. They charge a one-time setup fee of $50 and $180 annual fees , which comprise of:

  • $80 Account Maintenance Fee
  • and a $100 Storage Fee.

They also offer four different packages when it comes to the fees for your gold ira investment. Each one relates to how much you wish to invest into your Gold IRA.

A third option that is completely different is American Hartford Gold, which does not charge you themselves. Your fees are charged by the self-directed IRA company you use, which is typically in the range of $180. It is also worth noting that American Hartford Gold will cover either all the costs or an amount of the fees, depending on your investment.

So whichever gold ira company you decide to use, you should expect to pay between $180-$260 in setup fees and around $180 for annual fees. If the company is looking to charge more, you should ask why?

2. Reputation:

When you choose a gold IRA company, compare their reputations within the industry. You want to choose a company that can show it delivers positive results even in a volatile market.

The longer a company has been in business, the more stable they likely are. Talk with current and former customers and ask about their service and how they did managing gold IRA accounts.

You must be comfortable that the company will guide and advise you as you make financial decisions. If you can’t talk with previous customers, you can certainly read their reviews, as most good companies will have a large number of reviews on the likes of Trustpilot or Trustlink.

banner of review sitesThe company should also be accredited by various market watchdogs such as the BBB, and the Business Consumer Alliance.

On their Better Business Bureau profile in particular, you will see complaints that have been made with the company, and whether they resolved the issue to the satisfaction of the customer.

3. Storage:

Another key point to consider is storage. You need to find out where the gold will be stored and how it will be protected. Some companies offer storage in vaults, while others do not.

-The type of storage available: Some companies offer segregated storage, which means your gold will be stored separately from other clients’ investments. Knowing that your investment is not commingled with others can provide peace of mind. Other companies offer pooled storage, storing your gold alongside other clients’ investments.

-The depositories used: It’s important to know where your gold will be stored, and whether or not the company has a good reputation for safety and security. Be sure to ask about the depositories used by the company, and do some research to make sure they are well-respected.

4. Minimum Investment:

Another thing to consider is the minimum investment required. Some companies require a large initial investment, while others have either no minimum, or a low minimum.

Here are the minimum investments required from the top five gold IRA companies we have reviewed on this site:

What To Consider As You Choose A Gold IRA Company

Gold IRA Company Minimum Investment Required
American Hartford Gold $10,000
Goldco $25,000
Augusta Precious Metals $50,000
Birch Gold Group $10,000
Noble Investments $5,000

5. Rollover Options:

You also want to find out what the rollover options are. Some companies allow you to rollover your IRA into a gold IRA, while others do not. You will find that there are several ways to rollover your IRA account. The most common method is a direct transfer from one custodian to another. This is often the easiest way to do it, and it can usually be done without any tax consequences.

Another way to rollover your IRA is by taking a distribution from your current custodian and then investing the money into a gold IRA. This can be a bit more complicated, and you will need to pay taxes on the distribution. However, it may be worth it if you are able to get a better rate or terms from the new gold IRA company.

Finally, you can also convert your current IRA into a gold IRA. This is generally the most complicated option, but it can be done without any tax consequences. However, before converting your IRA, you will need to ensure that you are comfortable with the process and understand all of the terms and conditions .


We have outlined the top five things for you to consider when dealing with any gold ira investment company. Keep these five things in mind when you are looking for the right company for you, and you should find the investment process goes smoothly.

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